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LCD tv display turns on and off immediately but sound ok
The tv is acoustic solution brand and immediately you turn it on the display just flash and goes off while the sound is ok.

Thougth that the problem is with the inverter board but I detect fault on the power supply board

 Capacitors 220uf400v and 100uf50v bad and replaced.Fault cleared

How I use board comparison to repair dead power supply of a sharp tv

The tv power supply got burnt by a high voltage supply and some components were burnt beyond recognition. In cases like this the best thing is to look for same board and compare so as to the exact value of the burnt components.

The burnt components here are the ic strg5653,680 and 0.47ohms resistors,power capacitor

After replacing this is the tv in operation

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Sharp CRT tv flickering on picture not normal
The tv show a wavy kind of picture on screen and only red colour.when its on channel the display will be flickering and unstable.
I opened it up and resolder some dry joints and detect this bulged capacitor of 100v47uf

After replacing with another one of same value I test the tv and it works. The next day the owner brought it back again that the problem still persist. I start to troubleshoot and detect that the 160v100uf filter capacitor is also bad. I changed again and this time the tv works perfectly

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Neon Lcd Tv Inverter Board Repaired
When you switch on the tv the sound will be heard but the tv screen will be blank and when this happen it is always linked to the inverter board.

Its a 22inch tv and supply to the inverter board is 12v.I want to change this board but decide to check maybe I can fix the board ,its a small board of 4ports.
I check supply to inverter ic and its zero

I trace to the voltage input terminal it was 12v but the smd fuse is bad. I solder a strand of flexible wire to re-fuse it and powered the tv.It worked perfectly its just the fuse that broke that caused the problem.

How to connect the universal power supply module
In my last post I talked about a universal power supply that's gaining ground on my area. I laid my hand on it and had used it to repair some power supplies that would have been rendered useless. One of such power is that used in a double door refrigerator

To connect the module,neglect the green wire.connect the black wire to the negative terminal of the electrolytic capacitor (400v100uf).For the red wire do not connect to the positive of 400v100uf that's where some people get it wrong but instead as shown in the picture below connect to the other positive terminal on the sm transformer that linked to the power ic or power transistor depending on the type of power supply you want to repair but remember to cut the terminal away from the board

Before switching on reduced the output of the power supply through the variable resistor on it so after switching on you can increase to your desired valued this is to prevent the main board from damage due to excessive voltage.

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Universal replacement power supply module that can repair almost any kind of power supply
Though this universal power had been around in my area for quite a while now but a lot of technicians did not take cognisance of it including myself but some had tried it out and that's why I decided to check it out myself.

The result was really appealing especially when I use to repair some type of boards. One of such board is a digital power supply board used in a double door refrigerator and an electrically powered screw driving machine that also has a power fault
I hope to bring the way I connected it and makes it work perfectly in my subsequent post so watch out!
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LG Dvd player cannot read disc
The LG home theatre dvd was brought in by a friend and he complaint that whenever he insert disc the message on the dvd player is error disc.
This brand is the original type and has a quality pickup lens that last longer because when such fault occur the main suspect is the lens,however the spinning rotor may also be bad and it may bring about the error disc fault. Unless for cracks or bruises you cannot detect a faulty lens with bare eyes so the best thing is to change it.
I decide to change the spinning rotor first and see if the fault will be resolved before changing the lens.My decision was right and replacing the spinning rotor clears the fault.