P3482 dc-dc converter ic in LG home theatre dvd player

The model of this dvd is shown below

The dvd is dead but there is no burnt components on the power supply board. Checking the supply output to mainboard the p-on/off gives a vcc of 3.3v while the stb is 5v but the dvd fails to power on. The p3482 ic is located at the secondary side of the power supply board and the voltages that will start the mainboard comes from this ic

This ic is not available in my area so I ordered it online

I replaced the ic and this is the dvd working perfectly. I have 3 of this dvd with me with the same fault and I had repaired 2 by changing this ic,it remains 1 with similar problem.


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Red Colour on Screen LG Tv Problems

The TV is a China made LG tv and are common here in my country. People buy this TV because it is brand new and very cheap compare to buying the original type.
One of the fault common with this tv is showing only red colour on the screen as shown in the picture

The stage to quickly go to is the video amplifier board at the tube base replace the drive transistors along with the drive resistors if need be. Instantly the fault will clear away.

Checkout these type of resistors before condemning a dead dvd power supply

When repairing dvd power supply we get easily fed up after checking and replacing suspected faulty component but still no positive result. Due to the fact that this power supply is cheap in the market we just replace with a new one but today I want to direct you to these resistors when next you are troubleshooting this power supply probably it may be that it is the culprit blocking the power supply from working.

As seen above the resistors are of the value 2.2M or 1M and are always located at the position shown in the picture above. If you use the analog multimeter it may be somehow difficult to detect if the resistor is bad because most of this meter cannot read very high resistances but you can detect it with digital multimeter and that's why I like using the digital meters.
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Do you know the resistor color codes offhand? If no you can download the chart online or drop your email in the comment box so I will forward a highly comprehensive chart to you.

what is a smart tv

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*The tv is DLNA certified so you can easily stream videos,images and tunes from anywhere in the household

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Uncommon fault in LG TV repair

The fault is not all that common in Lg TV but from my repair experience I suspect the vertical ic

I went straight to this ic and replaced it and guess what! I was correct. This is the ic below

Sharp TV on standby mode fails to start

The sharp tv model is as shown below

When powered it starts but goes back to standby mode. When it is in standby mode the voltage at horizontal is 120v and other output voltages are of the right values. I changed the flyback transformer,tea2261 power ic but all to no avail. I decided checking capacitors at output with my digital meter and came across this cap 160v 100uf with an ESR of 16 but suppose to be within range of close to 100 or a bit above it.

I replaced it and this is the TV working perfectly.

LA4440 DIY Audio Amplifier

This audio player system has a sound output problem and I try replacing the IC but fail to work.The ic is tda8948 and I heard that to get a quality replacement in the market will be very difficult, that's why I decide to construct the La4440 sound circuit and use as an alternative and guess what it rocks well.

Need to construct same circuit? drop your email in the comment box and the circuit diagram will be sent to

Samsung 19inch LCD TV flickers on screen

The tv flashes image on screen for a second and turns off backlight while the sound is still on and this is an indicator that the TV is working but inverter is faulty. Discovered bulged capacitors on board and replaced it

Toshiba LCD and LED TV Repair

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power supply of sharp tv repaired

The tv was brought in from another technician who could not troubleshoot the tv fault properly and from my experience there is a resistor on power supply circuit that many technicians does not take note of when repairing this model of sharp tv.
Though the colour code on the resistor has wiped off but I tested it and detect its bad so I replace with a 39k resistor.The choke resistor is bad and was also replaced.
Thats all,I tested the tv now and it worked perfectly.

Desoldering and replacing gamma ic HX8915-A

A repair friend of mine asked me to help him out to replace this gamma ic with my microcomputer hot air gun .The tcon board is that of a 42inch samsung lcd tv with picture defect.

I have replace this ic and will keep you updated after fixing the board so keep visiting this blog.

Lg Lcd Tv with standby light blinking continuosly

The tv was brought in by a friend and the standby light blinks continuosly while the tv fails to start.
The tv uses an IP board as seen below

From my experience I knew this fault is always related to the power and mainboard so I decides to firstly check the power circuit.I detect drop in voltage across the power capacitor so also at the secondary side of sm transformer.I check the capacitance of the power cap using my digital meter and detect the capacitor reads 1.1 instead of 98 to 100uf.So definitely it might be the power cap is bad.

I replaced this power capacitor with another one of same value.I powered the tv and the blinking stopped.The standby light came on and the tv works perfectly

How to test capacitance of a capacitor with a digital multimeter

The digital multimeter are of different types but the one I recommend and used myself for capacitance reading is as shown below.
 There are esr meters which are those dedicated for capacitor readings but are somehow expensive infact it is somehow difficult to found here in Nigeria that is the reason why I stick to the digital meter for capacitance reading and it has really helped me a lot.

How I make the readings
      Notice the position of the probe.the positive probe removed and positioned as seen and on the meter you range it to the capacitive range(marked F) as shown


The only disadvantage of this meter is that it only reads up to 200uf any value higher than this is unreadable it only gives value of 1.but I specially have a method i use to measure value higher than 200uf but i will write-about that later.
in this test below i am reading a polyester capacitor of value 105j 400v.what i am testing is the capacitance which is 105j.this value is 105=1000000pf 001
since the value of my cap is 1uf.to check if this cap is good i range my meter to 2uf or 20uf. i range mine to 20uf and from the picture you can see that my reading is 0.95 which is approximately 1uf.

 this means this cap is in good condition.you can also same method for other type of capacitors.Hope this little tutorial helps.if you have any question you can ask using the comment box.

Sharp Lcd Tv with no power repaired

The tv was hit by a high voltage and fails to power on.This is the internal structure of the tv

since it is a dead set the first thing is to check the power board.The board is intact without any burnt component on it.The reason why I am expecting to see a burnt component is because it was hit by a high voltage but was amazed when I could not found none.I tested all components at power and all tested fine except for the power ic which cannot be tested with the multimeter.
I set my meter to the volt range and test.It was then I detect a flunctuating voltage at one of the terminals of this ic

Thinking maybe this ic is bad,I decide to make test at the secondary side of the sm transformer.It was there I detect the same fluctuating voltage at the rectifier diodes terminal at this side.I tested the diodes and detect that one of it is faulty

I replace this diode with the same specification.After the replacement I power the tv and it works perfectly.

Dead LG 21inch Ultraslim Tv Repaired

The tv uses str w6556 as the switching ic.This ic is shorted,so I replaced it.Switching on the tv I discover that as the tv is about to raster the ic trip off .The ic was shorted again.Line transformers use to be a major problem of this tv so I concluded it is bad and went to buy another flyback tranformer.I fixed the transformer but what I saw when testing the tv is a small wavy picture on screen and the tv went off a few seconds and stayed in standby mode.As I was testing the components on the power supply I tested the power capacitor and to my suprise the capacitor is seriously bad though it looks okay judging from the look of the eye. I changed the capacitor and tv starts working again.

I ordered an IC from aliexpress.com

I want to repair a 42" plasma tv but needed a smd ic (fds4435).I tried searching around but could not find it so i placed an order on aliexpress and it was delivered today.It took 17 days for it to reach me here in Nigeria though i had already urged the owner of the tv to be a little bit patient and he agreed.Now its time to finish the repair.I will update you immediately i finish repairing the plasma tv.

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