Red Colour on Screen LG Tv Problems

The TV is a China made LG tv and are common here in my country. People buy this TV because it is brand new and very cheap compare to buying the original type.
One of the fault common with this tv is showing only red colour on the screen as shown in the picture

The stage to quickly go to is the video amplifier board at the tube base replace the drive transistors along with the drive resistors if need be. Instantly the fault will clear away.

Checkout these type of resistors before condemning a dead dvd power supply

When repairing dvd power supply we get easily fed up after checking and replacing suspected faulty component but still no positive result. Due to the fact that this power supply is cheap in the market we just replace with a new one but today I want to direct you to these resistors when next you are troubleshooting this power supply probably it may be that it is the culprit blocking the power supply from working.

As seen above the resistors are of the value 2.2M or 1M and are always located at the position shown in the picture above. If you use the analog multimeter it may be somehow difficult to detect if the resistor is bad because most of this meter cannot read very high resistances but you can detect it with digital multimeter and that's why I like using the digital meters.
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Do you know the resistor color codes offhand? If no you can download the chart online or drop your email in the comment box so I will forward a highly comprehensive chart to you.

what is a smart tv

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The major feature that differentiate smart tvs from ordinary Led and Lcd tv is that it has an inbuilt wifi which enables it to connect directly to the internet and gives the user the opportunity to connect with friends and associates through the social media platforms like facebook,twitter,skype and the rest directly on the tv.
       One of the cheapest smart tv presently in the market is the Polystar led smart tv and comes with this amazing features
*Ability to stream youtube videos on the screen so there is never a dull moment with this tv
*Connect with friends and family on social platforms like twitter,facebook,skype and the rest
*Perform red eye reduction,photo cropping and more using the picasa app
*The tv is DLNA certified so you can easily stream videos,images and tunes from anywhere in the household

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Uncommon fault in LG TV repair

The fault is not all that common in Lg TV but from my repair experience I suspect the vertical ic

I went straight to this ic and replaced it and guess what! I was correct. This is the ic below