LG Dvd player cannot read disc

The LG home theatre dvd was brought in by a friend and he complaint that whenever he insert disc the message on the dvd player is error disc.
This brand is the original type and has a quality pickup lens that last longer because when such fault occur the main suspect is the lens,however the spinning rotor may also be bad and it may bring about the error disc fault. Unless for cracks or bruises you cannot detect a faulty lens with bare eyes so the best thing is to change it.
I decide to change the spinning rotor first and see if the fault will be resolved before changing the lens.My decision was right and replacing the spinning rotor clears the fault.

Panasonic TV: horizontal output transistor blows off frequently

The TV is an old model CRT tv and when tested it makes a hissing sound,initially I thought the flyback transformer is bad but when I checked the output transistor I detect its faulty.I replaced it but about 10s of powering the tv on this transistor got burnt again.I test the voltage at the output transistor collector terminal and it was over 220v instead of 130v.When such situation occurs it is adviceable to check the power supply circuit and from my troubleshooting I detect this 50v47uf capacitor to be defective

I changed it along with the output transistor and the tv works perfectly when tested.