Dvd power supply repaired

The dvd was brought in with the complain that it fails to power on.I unscrew it and check the fuse,it gave me a perfect reading on my meter.I plugged it in AC to take volt readings at supply out to mainboard and detect that there was no voltage at the output.The voltage supply suppose to give me 12v,-12v,gnd and 5v.At this point I need to unplug and come back to the primary side of the power supply to check the components therein for faults.The diodes ,resistors tested fine and was wondering where the fault could be.I had to plug it again and take AC readings and it was then I detect that one of the terminals of  filter coil has a broken link so the AC volt is not passing to the rectifier.The fault was resolved by changing the coil.

The Leakseeker89

I came across this short circuit finder on jestineyong website,though I have not been opportuned to get hold of this equipment in order to verify how perfect it is but I am pre sently how i can buy it online.Expect my review on it immediately I used it myself,meanwhile you can click on this link to see how it was used to correct a fault:.www.jestineyong.com/short-circuit-finder-test-equipment/

Qlink Rechargeable Fan Repaired

The fan stopped charging,the indicator light fails to lit when it is plugged to an electric socket.I discovered that the rechargeable fan make use of a transformer and rectifier as power source and the transformer is burnt.Replaced the burnt ttransformer with same volt rating and it starts working again.

LG 32” plasma tv with sound but no picture repaired

A customer called on me to help her check this tv out.There is sound on the tv but the screen is dark without any picture.Normally when this type of fault occur the prime suspect is the inverter board but this is a plasma tv and it comprises of the ysus and zsus board which serves as its own inverter board.Firstly,there is three bulged capacitors on the power board,I changed it with the hope that this will correct the fault but it does not.

thereafter I checked the ysus board and detect 2 faulty 2.2ohms resistors.In troubleshooting when such resistors break down it is adviseable you check the board further for faults that may have resulted in the breakdown of these resistors.I detect a shorted mosfet and diode on the ysus board. Fortunately for me I have the same board in my workshop so I did not bother myself repairing it,I just replaced it and it worked perfectly.Hope to find time this week to repair the faulty ysus board.


Its Getting better

Its good to be back again.I had stay away for sometime to perfect my
skill and make serious research in order to improve my
blogposts,things are changing fast especially in the technology field
and one needs to move fast with it.All praise to God for this new year
2014,i pray its going to be a blessed year for us all.