Tuning problem linked to eeprom ic

I was working on this panel and as I am about programming some tv stations on it I detect that it fails to pick any stations.I replace the tv tuner though the tuning and supply voltage were present but its still the same.Noting well that the memory ic (eeprom) of most of this present tv boards contributes a lot to their operation so I changed the eeprom ic.I search for the tv stations again and they were perfectly programmed.The eeprom is 24CO8 and it is faulty component on the board.

Jvc Television with Plain Raster Repaired

The tv is a jvc model,it suddenly switches off when in use but brought out a plain raster afterward.

After battling with it for quite sometime without good result i decide to take some voltage readings.200v supply to tube base from flyback transformer was around 57v which is wrong and an indication of fault along that line,so i need to trace the fault from that line to detect what the fault is.

from the picture above diode D553 and the fuse resistor R554 tested good , the capacitor C557 is of the value 250v2.2uf but reads 0.57uf when measured by my esr meter.I replace it 250v10uf and the fault was cleared completely and the tv brought back to life again.

can TDA8361 be the cause of this fault

The tv displayed as shown in the picture above.Normally the major suspect for this type of fault is the vertical ic.it uses tda3563B as the vertical ic,vcc supplied to this ic is 27v which is correct and i decide to change the ic.I was suprised to see the tv display the same horizontal line on screen of the tv that means the fault is not with the vertical ic so i need to troubleshoot further.Fortunately i have the same model of this tv in my workshop and it is working perfectly.i start to compare the two panels and i detect that pin 3 of the vertical ic(tda3653b) is the vertical drive which feeds directly from the oscillator ic tda8361 and around 2.4v on the working panel and 0.55v on the faulty panel.I change the oscillator ic and the fault was gone.The tv now works perfectly.