LG Home theatre dvd repaired

The lg home theatre got damaged from excessive voltage.what I cherished about this dvd is that it uses a varistor as surge protector at the power supply and instead of creating serious damage to the power supply this varistor protect the circuit by shorting itself and break the fuse.I am always confident when this type of fault is brought to my workshop for repair.In the case of the one above I just change the burnt varistor and the fuse and it starts functioning again.

Resistor Colour Coding

I came across this chart on the web and it is worth sharing.It simplified resistor colour coding and also the common 5 colour band resistor can be easily understood through this chart. If you are finding it difficult to understand the chart,you can post your question in the comment so i will explain it better.

LG Flatron with no sound problem solved

This is a method on how to solve the issue of sound through menu settings in this flatron televisions:
First of all check if speakers are not faulty otherwise you will need to changed it since bad speakers are some of the reasons why tv maybe having sound problem,but if the speakers test good then you can continue with this process.
Goto menu
scroll down to sound
Goto AVL; if avl is set at "ON",there will not be sound output from the speaker ,so turn AVL to "off" and sound will come up again.