Tv with standby light only repaired

The tv is a 21" durabrand crt television and when switched on it will be on standby only.After carefully examining the tv i find it difficult to detect the fault.This fault is always related to eeprom but I could not find a replacement for this ic so I conclude I am going to change the board.
After two weeks of abandoning this tv I decide to recheck it again,it was then i detect a faulty capacitor at the secondary side of sm transformer
.The value of the capacitor is 470uf 16v but gives 13uf on my esr meter.I changed it with capacitor of same value.

This is the tv back in good working condition.

No sound problem in lcd tv solved

This is a newsletter from kent liew and I will like to share it so we can learn together.The lcd tv has a symptom of no sound and you will not believe what the fault is.Read it here:

Toshiba tv hit by thunder repaired

This problem usually occur in our country and this is because lots of building has poor earth system to guide against damages that may occur due to thunderstrike.

In this tv the standby light will be lit but the tv fail to come up.I tested and confirmed most of components to be to horizontal section is alright so definitely there is problem with the oscillator section because it is always the worst hit when thunderstrike occurs.The oscillating ic is stv2246c and need to be replaced.I source for another one and replace it.The tv works perfectly and the owner was happy to see his tv in action again.