Tv with standby light only repaired

The tv is a 21" durabrand crt television and when switched on it will be on standby only.After carefully examining the tv i find it difficult to detect the fault.This fault is always related to eeprom but I could not find a replacement for this ic so I conclude I am going to change the board.
After two weeks of abandoning this tv I decide to recheck it again,it was then i detect a faulty capacitor at the secondary side of sm transformer
.The value of the capacitor is 470uf 16v but gives 13uf on my esr meter.I changed it with capacitor of same value.

This is the tv back in good working condition.

No sound problem in lcd tv solved

This is a newsletter from kent liew and I will like to share it so we can learn together.The lcd tv has a symptom of no sound and you will not believe what the fault is.Read it here:

Toshiba tv hit by thunder repaired

This problem usually occur in our country and this is because lots of building has poor earth system to guide against damages that may occur due to thunderstrike.

In this tv the standby light will be lit but the tv fail to come up.I tested and confirmed most of components to be to horizontal section is alright so definitely there is problem with the oscillator section because it is always the worst hit when thunderstrike occurs.The oscillating ic is stv2246c and need to be replaced.I source for another one and replace it.The tv works perfectly and the owner was happy to see his tv in action again.

lcd tv with blinking standby light repaired

The tv is a 22" lcd tv and the standby light is just blinking non stop.Opening the cover and carefully observing the boards on it I detect a burnt ic on the inverter board

As you can see it is the inverter ic and i decide to replace this board with another one

the terminals are the same so it will make my work easy so i replace the connector directly and on powering the tv it worked perfectly

samsung LCD tv with blinking led repaired

A customer brought this tv in some days ago with the complaint that as he switch it on the standby led was just blinking.

The model no is LA32S81B and as opened it i observed that the power capacitor is bulged probably through high voltage from the input voltage source

This is part of the problem we always encounter here in nigeria.It is either the voltage is high or low and this destroy electronics alot but things are changing gradually and we thank our government for that.
fortunately for me I replaced the capacitor with same value of 400v150uf and the tv works perfectly.

samsung lcd tv flashes on screen

The lcd tv is of size 15 inches, it flashes on the screen and remains blank when switch on.

Opening the back cover I noticed the bulged capacitors as shown in the picture below.

The capacitors are of value 25V470uf.I bought new ones and replaced them and the tv starts working again.Atimes this may not work in other tv because you may change the capacitors and the fault persist then you will need to change the inverter board.In my subsequent post i wil explain how to modify an inverter/ power (IP)board by adding an inverter board to it externally so pls keep visiting this blog for more info.

TDA8177FA equivalent of STV9379FA

Both ic's are vertical deflection ic used mostly in crt tv.They are equivalent of each other.When next you need STV9379FA and you see TDA 8177F then you can go for it.

Tuning problem linked to eeprom ic

I was working on this panel and as I am about programming some tv stations on it I detect that it fails to pick any stations.I replace the tv tuner though the tuning and supply voltage were present but its still the same.Noting well that the memory ic (eeprom) of most of this present tv boards contributes a lot to their operation so I changed the eeprom ic.I search for the tv stations again and they were perfectly programmed.The eeprom is 24CO8 and it is faulty component on the board.

Jvc Television with Plain Raster Repaired

The tv is a jvc model,it suddenly switches off when in use but brought out a plain raster afterward.

After battling with it for quite sometime without good result i decide to take some voltage readings.200v supply to tube base from flyback transformer was around 57v which is wrong and an indication of fault along that line,so i need to trace the fault from that line to detect what the fault is.

from the picture above diode D553 and the fuse resistor R554 tested good , the capacitor C557 is of the value 250v2.2uf but reads 0.57uf when measured by my esr meter.I replace it 250v10uf and the fault was cleared completely and the tv brought back to life again.

can TDA8361 be the cause of this fault

The tv displayed as shown in the picture above.Normally the major suspect for this type of fault is the vertical uses tda3563B as the vertical ic,vcc supplied to this ic is 27v which is correct and i decide to change the ic.I was suprised to see the tv display the same horizontal line on screen of the tv that means the fault is not with the vertical ic so i need to troubleshoot further.Fortunately i have the same model of this tv in my workshop and it is working perfectly.i start to compare the two panels and i detect that pin 3 of the vertical ic(tda3653b) is the vertical drive which feeds directly from the oscillator ic tda8361 and around 2.4v on the working panel and 0.55v on the faulty panel.I change the oscillator ic and the fault was gone.The tv now works perfectly.

Red colour with retrace lines on screen of tv

The tv display is as shown in the picture,and faults that normally has to do with the screen display is always on the video board at the tube base.Direct replace the three drive transistors but the fault was still there but later detected that a 12k resistor was bad.Replacing the resistor corrected the fault and the tv brought out its normal colour.

LG Home theatre dvd repaired

The lg home theatre got damaged from excessive voltage.what I cherished about this dvd is that it uses a varistor as surge protector at the power supply and instead of creating serious damage to the power supply this varistor protect the circuit by shorting itself and break the fuse.I am always confident when this type of fault is brought to my workshop for repair.In the case of the one above I just change the burnt varistor and the fuse and it starts functioning again.

Resistor Colour Coding

I came across this chart on the web and it is worth sharing.It simplified resistor colour coding and also the common 5 colour band resistor can be easily understood through this chart. If you are finding it difficult to understand the chart,you can post your question in the comment so i will explain it better.

LG Flatron with no sound problem solved

This is a method on how to solve the issue of sound through menu settings in this flatron televisions:
First of all check if speakers are not faulty otherwise you will need to changed it since bad speakers are some of the reasons why tv maybe having sound problem,but if the speakers test good then you can continue with this process.
Goto menu
scroll down to sound
Goto AVL; if avl is set at "ON",there will not be sound output from the speaker ,so turn AVL to "off" and sound will come up again.

How to clear crt short in LG Flatron tv

The tv is a 21inch lg flatron tv and the fault was that when you switch it on,you will be hearing the sound but there is no trace of any picture on the screen,in short the tube is not working at all.
    The filament light at the tube base is coming up but the screen grid voltage is 0.I detach the video board from the tube base of the crt,powered the tv and the sreen voltage was now 230v,so definitely the crt is shorted.How do I know these?I connect the video board to the tube base again , took another voltage reading and it gives a 0volt and it is only when there is a short that such fault occur.
  I took a 47uf 250v capacitor,soldered a meter probe to the positive terminal of the capacitor.I soldered the negative terminal to GND on the video board.What I want to do is to charge up the capacitor.The green,red and blue cathode on the video board had their normal voltages.I placed the probe on the red cathode terminal on board for about 3secs and immediately removed it to place it on the G2 terminal on video board.It made a spark and instantly the shorts clear away and the picture came out fine.It really works like magic.
   When the crt was still shorted the ohms reading between G1 and G2 was around 5k but after clearing the short the reading was at infinity.You can repeat the process if it fails the first time.Please comment in the box for any question on this fault or if you know of any other method to clear a crt short.

The repair tip is from kent liew on how a lcd monitor shuts down after two hours was repaired and it is to see what the fault was,a lot of monitors had been converted to scrap because of this fault.Learn how to tackle this type of fault here

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Dvd Player with ''no disc'' error message repaired

This LG dvd(china made) fail to play when you load disc in it and instead gives out the "no disc" error message.Some of the causes of
this fault includes :
  1.bad optical lens
  2.spinning motor 
  3.bad dvd flex
  4.faulty video board
But in this dvd the major suspect is the optical lens.Looking closely at the lens I find it dificult to believe that it is bad so i decide to check probably i can find something to do to it to make it work again.Checking through the Iens I saw a tiny foamlike particle in between the lens and blew it off and just test to see maybe it will work and believe me it works perfectly.Its my first time of encountering this type of fault and any other time i will be checking for this dirts.

Dead Sanyo crt tv repaired

A customer brought the tv with the complaint that as they were watching it the tv just went off.Opening the back cover i tested voltages at power supply and detect there was no voltages at secondary side of sm transformer.The horizontal transistor gives a shorted reading on board but to be very sure this transistor is bad I unsolder it and test again and suprisingly the HOT is good so definitely the faulty component is still on the board.searching thoroughly I
found out that a ceramic capacitor is burnt.I replace it and the tv starts working again.

A customer brought this tv with the complain that whe he power
it,it displays as shown above.This are flyback lines and the first
area to check on the crt tv is the video board.As seen in the picture above the tv uses tda6107 as the video amplifier ic and what i did was replace the ic with a new one.Powering the tv set I discovered that the fault is still there,then I start to troubleshoot the board,then I detect that a 10ohms resistor that connects the supply to the vcc of the IC is bad so i changed it and the tv works perfectly again.

how to repair lcd tv auto shutdown randomly

Today I want to share with you the newsletter I received from Kent Liew on a lcd tv that shutdown randomly .The Lcd model no. is LG32LB9R-TB.The newsletter is insightful and highly informative atleast it will add to your lcd tv repair skill.You can read the full article HERE

how to upgrade the firmware of samsung lcd\led tv

This can be done in two ways;
 [a]downloading the new firmware from samsung website to a usb memory device
 [b]upgrade directly online through the tv but this may require a strong internet connectivity because there must not be a disconnection so as not to create another problem in the tv.
   I will advise upgrading through the first method.Insert the usb memory device into the hub of the tv, follow the instructions to perform the upgrade.On completion the tv will turn off and on automatically after completing the upgrade.Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the usb until the upgrade is complete.

TV with faulty eeprom 24C08 repaired

The fault of the crt tv was that it lit the standby light but if you press the channel button it fails to start,it just remain in the standby mode.Part of the causes of this type of fault are:
         1. dry joint on the panel
         2. defective horizontal transistor
         3.  faulty eeprom
But in this case it is the eeprom that is faulty.I tried another eeprom of the same value which is 24C08,it fails to work.Fortunately a repair friend bring in the same type of panel for repair and its own eeprom is working fine ,so I copied the eeprom on my own faulty eeprom using my data copy device shown in the picture above.As I replace the eeprom in the panel it starts and work perfectly.I had bought this device for a very long time but fail to use it until when i come across this fault.Infact I love the operation of this data copy device.

how to use a digital multimeter

A short video on how to use a digital multimeter.view by going through this link how to use a multimeter
As you know for successful repair you need to master how to use the multimeter very well because without it you cannot be complete as a repairman.Repair is very interesting and highly challenging and I hope you learn one or two things from the video.Please,feel free to comment on how I can serve you better through my post.

free ebook on basic electronics

I came across COLLIN MITCHELL website some few months ago and I was really amazed with some books I was able to download for free on this website.The books were highly comprehensive and helpful especially for beginners in the field of electronics engineering.One of such books is the one on basic electronics,if you want to learn more on various components in electronics circuit like the resistor,capacitors,transistors,component colour coding and much more then you need this book.The various mode of operation of this component is well covered in this book,the information in the book is very can enter your email in the comment box and the  book will be sent directly to your inbox.happy repairing

how to repair lcd tv auto shutdown randomly

The repair tip is from kent liew monthly newsletter.The lcd tv repaired is LG 32LB9R-BR and the fault is, it will auto shutdown after 5 or 30mins and atimes it can last for about an hour before it shutdown.The way he repaired the fault was highly interesting,for full details of how the fault was repaired you can enter your email in the comment box so I will send the link directly to your email with a free comprehensive ebook on basic electronics.Happy repairing

Tevion home theatre system repaired

The home theather system was brought in with the complain that the woofer is working but the surround speakers are not working.Disassembling the set,I noticed that one of the ic meant to power the surround speaker is burnt.
It uses three of this ic.The value is tda7265 and it is one of it that got burnt ;
it seems it was caused by an overvoltage.Replacing this ic corrected the fault and the surround speakers are now working perfectly.

sharp tv model 20AG1-S repaired

The sharp tv fails to power on.It was damaged by a high voltage as seen on the power section.
the choke resistor is burnt,power capacitor bulged and it uses an str6654 which got damaged also.As seen above it is a clear evidence of high volt problem.I replaced all the bad component but alas it failed to power on,until i detect this bad resistor besides the power capacitor.
After changing it the tv works perfectly.All the bad components are shown below.