lcd tv with blinking standby light repaired

The tv is a 22" lcd tv and the standby light is just blinking non stop.Opening the cover and carefully observing the boards on it I detect a burnt ic on the inverter board

As you can see it is the inverter ic and i decide to replace this board with another one

the terminals are the same so it will make my work easy so i replace the connector directly and on powering the tv it worked perfectly

samsung LCD tv with blinking led repaired

A customer brought this tv in some days ago with the complaint that as he switch it on the standby led was just blinking.

The model no is LA32S81B and as opened it i observed that the power capacitor is bulged probably through high voltage from the input voltage source

This is part of the problem we always encounter here in nigeria.It is either the voltage is high or low and this destroy electronics alot but things are changing gradually and we thank our government for that.
fortunately for me I replaced the capacitor with same value of 400v150uf and the tv works perfectly.

samsung lcd tv flashes on screen

The lcd tv is of size 15 inches, it flashes on the screen and remains blank when switch on.

Opening the back cover I noticed the bulged capacitors as shown in the picture below.

The capacitors are of value 25V470uf.I bought new ones and replaced them and the tv starts working again.Atimes this may not work in other tv because you may change the capacitors and the fault persist then you will need to change the inverter board.In my subsequent post i wil explain how to modify an inverter/ power (IP)board by adding an inverter board to it externally so pls keep visiting this blog for more info.

TDA8177FA equivalent of STV9379FA

Both ic's are vertical deflection ic used mostly in crt tv.They are equivalent of each other.When next you need STV9379FA and you see TDA 8177F then you can go for it.