Sharp TV on standby mode fails to start

The sharp tv model is as shown below

When powered it starts but goes back to standby mode. When it is in standby mode the voltage at horizontal is 120v and other output voltages are of the right values. I changed the flyback transformer,tea2261 power ic but all to no avail. I decided checking capacitors at output with my digital meter and came across this cap 160v 100uf with an ESR of 16 but suppose to be within range of close to 100 or a bit above it.

I replaced it and this is the TV working perfectly.

LA4440 DIY Audio Amplifier

This audio player system has a sound output problem and I try replacing the IC but fail to work.The ic is tda8948 and I heard that to get a quality replacement in the market will be very difficult, that's why I decide to construct the La4440 sound circuit and use as an alternative and guess what it rocks well.

Need to construct same circuit? drop your email in the comment box and the circuit diagram will be sent to

Samsung 19inch LCD TV flickers on screen

The tv flashes image on screen for a second and turns off backlight while the sound is still on and this is an indicator that the TV is working but inverter is faulty. Discovered bulged capacitors on board and replaced it