Repairs in today's technology

An improvement in technology had made repair work easier.Gone are the days when troubleshooting takes a long time and bore before a fault can be corrected due to complexity of panel.Nowadays,it seems more easy and fun to repair.we are having devices when disassembled are divided into modules internally,what you need is to identify each section and there functions are, so when there is a fault you will know where to go.If the repair seems difficult you can go to the market buy the module and replace the faulty section to bring your device back to its normal operation.
Apart from making repair easier,it makes it more rewarding in terms of the pay.If you repair very well you will understand what I mean.What you need is to improve on your skill because the more you can repair determine what enters your pocket.
At neyod-repair,we will be sharing repair tips from time to time.If you have a repair tip or faults tending to be difficult feel free to post it.until then ,stay cool.