Dvd Power Supply Repaired

The latest trend among repair technicians is just to change the power supply completely with another one.This saves time but what I observe is that it tends to make one lazy when it comes to troubleshooting faults.I decide to troubleshoot this power supply and repair it.
     It uses D13005 transistor and after checking components on board I could not detect any faulty component.I plugged the dvd and switch it on but it remain dead.Looking closely I start testing resistors at primary side and it was then I detect a bad resistor of 1meg ohms.
This was easily detected on board through the help of my digital multimeter,it will not have been easy with the analogue meter majorly because of the low ohms range.It is advisable to master the use of the digital meter also.I make use of both multimeters very well.
I changed this resistor and the power supply works perfectly.

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