The best way I test relay switch

I want to explain how I test relay switches.As we know relays are of different types but I will be emphasizing on the one mostly used in voltage stabilizers and this is because some of my repair friends are interested in knowing how to repair voltage stabilizers and one of the first step to repairing it is to know how to test relays.
 Relay switch and its symbol is as shown below,

It has five terminals as shown above.You can test using the battery or through multimeters.
                                                Testing using the 9v battery
This is simple,using terminals 1 and 3 connect the battery to the relay.A clicking sound will be heard, the battery can be connected either way.This should be done within a second so as not to damage the coil on the relay switch.
                                                     Testing with multimeter
Set your meter at the ohms range and test terminals 1 and 3,there will be deflection of around 200 ohms will terminals 2 and 5 gives 0 ohms reading.
       Do you know of any other method of testing relay switch?please do share with us using  the comment box.

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